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Unity in the Workplace workshops

A strong emotional stabilizing team building program for staff & workplaces continuously overloaded with stress and anxiety. Jeff guides staff on how to release old negative patterns, engage the imagination, and then Open up, Unite and Access dormant repositories of higher knowing, wisdom and unlimited potential

The effects of disharmony in the workplace:

An unmotivated staff, though a build-up of limiting and mostly negative energy creates an environment and culture of stress, anxiety and fears that result in wasteful behaviours in the workplace. It can disconnect one from the team or desire for nothing to change. This energy unaddressed can rule like a silent merciless menace with even the most seasoned positive and highly creative employee succumbing to this culture and behaviour without being aware of it. These behaviours create a high cost of operations through turnover, distraction and high stress.

Workplace culture can be like a personality, created by the organizations' strong values or the lack thereof. This “personality" attracts or repels certain talents, creates a public image and indirectly operates the organizations' social structure through the attitudes and behaviours of its staff.

The program gently guides staff to transform limiting (negative) energies and perceptions which begins to open up and reconnect each individual to unite with and access their dormant repository of higher wisdom and unlimited potential.

ABOUt Jeff Hunter


About Jeff Hunter 

"He doesn't flaunt and is so genuine with a human touch. Calm, cool and collected and gets to the truth. Exposes the negative & replaces with the positive choices. Moving on and letting go of the past"

Allow the whispering's of your heart’s awakening to lead you on a journey of remembering as you receive Jeff Hunter's messages of truth, timeless wisdom and spiritual insights to guide you back to a place of a balanced perspective. Jeff has accumulated a wealth of technical & practical experience through sacred teachings, ceremonial rituals and inner reflections. His inner guidance has taken him on domestic and international travels and explorations with Elders, Mystics and Teachers who modelled how to deeply know oneself amidst a world of external distraction, accelerated change and increased social isolation. Whether working among audiences, groups or individuals, Jeff has an innate ability to guide people to tune into themselves and break through obstacles that have been blocking their progress and creating hindrance & suffering. Once he assists them to release discordant energies people have experienced noticeable and instantaneous results. Additionally, individuals reported feeling reconnected, grounded and peaceful with a renewed sense of belonging, identity and purpose.


This was a great learning experience for all of us, by opening our souls and mind. I felt a great relief was taken from my mind and body. The thought of meditation was important to me and to get in touch with my spirit again. Thank you Jeff, for the help you have given to myself and also my co-workers. Hopefully we can do this in a regular basis.

Ray Erickson NCN Development Corporation

Jeff Hunter displays strong information and courage to present his life stores as examples in some aspects (topics). The program in which he works is a powerful information tool. When one gains it, it can make work go more smoother and less stressful as an individual.  

Understanding barriers which hold us back and how to break the barriers.

Keith Anbawen KTC Lac Brochet  

This was my very first workshop and I learned to a lot. It helps me to be more focused. How to meditate and release negative thoughts and have a clean mind. I like Jeff’s teachings and I shall follow them. Letting go of my ego..I like it and I want to learn more. Thank you Jeff.  

Maxine Grieves KTC Oxford House, Manitoba

My heart was on the ground when I first came into the workshop. As I began to release and let go of my negative energy, there was a shift that is happening from within my spirit. My spirit has been sleeping for too long. This awakening feels so right. I will live my life to the fullest and enjoy the rest of my journey.                                  

Emily Kematch  KTC York Landing, Manitoba 

Jeff is very knowledgeable in delivering the Unity in the Workplace program. Good information and the meditations were excellent and calming. It was a fun learning experience. How we manifest experiences into our lives, life contracts, and how negative energy creates stress. Overall, I really enjoyed the content of the workshop.               

Nancy Williams York Landing, Manitoba 

He doesn't flaunt and is so genuine with a human touch. Calm, cool and collective and gets down to the truth. Exposes the negative & replaces them with the positive, choices. Moving on and letting go of the past.                


Sandra Upherville...KTC Brochet, Manitoba


I would highly recommend Jeff, he laughs, is kind, assertive, relaxed and funny. He has done the work. Also super great presentation for First Nation People who are stuck in their pain.                     
Cathy Deacon  Teslin Tlinglit, Yukon 


Jeff has a unique and innate ability to deliver uncomfortable hard topics in a positive, comfortable and safe environment. His class puts yourself into perspective.

Kathryn Porter  Teslin Tlinglit, Yukon 



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