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Unity in the Workplace 2 to 4 days

Community based: Customized Program delivered to your Community or Organization

  • 48 hours
  • Request for Proposal
  • Location: At Community, Workplace Boardroom or Hotel conference room

Service Description

A strong emotionally stabilizing team building program for staff and workplaces continuously overloaded with stress and anxiety. Jeff guides staff on how to release old negative patterns, engage the imagination, and then Open up, Unite and Access dormant repositories of higher knowing, wisdom and unlimited potential The effects of disharmony in the workplace: An unmotivated staff, through a build-up of limiting and mostly negative energy, creates an environment and culture of stress, anxiety and fears that result in wasteful behavior's in the workplace. It can disconnect one from the team or desire for nothing to change. This energy unaddressed can rule like a silent merciless menace with even the most seasoned positive and highly creative employee succumbing to this culture and behavior's without being aware of it. These behavior's create a high cost of operations through turnover, distraction and high stress. Workplace culture can be like a personality, created by the organizations' strong values or the lack thereof. This “personality" attracts or repels certain talents, creates a public image and indirectly operates the organization's social structure through the attitudes and behavior's of its staff. The program gently guides staff to transform limiting (negative) energies and perceptions which begins to open up and reconnect each individual to unite with and access their dormant repository of higher wisdom and unlimited potential.

Contact Details

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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