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Unity in the Workplace - Whitehorse, Yukon




2 Days


About the Course

Unity in the Workplace is strong emotional stabilizing program for staff & workplaces continuous overloaded with stress and anxiety. Guiding staff to release old negative patterns, heal, and then open up, unite with and access dormant repository of higher wisdom and unlimited potential.

An unmotivated staff, though a build up of limiting and mostly negative energy creates an environment and culture of stress, anxiety and fears that result in “wasteful behaviors in the workplace” It can disconnect one from the team or desire for nothing to change. This energy un-addressed can rule like a silent merciless menace with even the most seasoned positive and highly creative employee succumbing to this culture and behaviour without being aware of it. And furthermore creates high cost of operations & turnover.

A workplace culture can, like a personality be created by the organizations strong values or the lack thereof. This “personality" attracts or repels certain talents, creates a public image and indirectly operates the organizations social structure through the attitudes and behaviours of its staff.

Most large organizations have in place strong value statements, yet the unwanted personality remains. What do we do? It requires examination of the organizations core values and what intention do these values serve? This entails identifying the culture, its origins and what sustains it. A strong living value system can direct the staff in a positive direction, but it's also important for the individual to identify his/her values and understand the relationship between his/her values and the larger community.

Your Instructor

Jeff Hunter

A visionary, and strategic thinker, Jeff comes from Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation in Nelson House, MB. An executive within the human resource development field for more than 25 years, Jeff realized that the greatest resource of any community or organization is its people. Becoming a certified master trainer and life coach, he shares his knowledge and gift for creating effortlessly livelihood & work relationships
His presence and teaching style clearly shows his learnings from his elders, master teachers and life experiences. Jeff is an entrepreneur and a great father. He brings to us the love and affection of a family man, a leader and the vision and strength to uplift organization, communities and the corporate world overloaded with stress and anxiety caused by today’s economy and non-stop challenges.

Jeff Hunter
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