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A visionary and strategic thinker, Mr. Jeff Hunter is the owner of Soaring Eagles Seminars Inc. (SESI) and is a human resources development professional; heavily focused on aboriginal peoples and successful community development. With over 25+ years of experience within the Senior human resource development field, Jeff has negotiated, developed, and delivered a variety of training plans focusing on positive growth and long-range career planning for both individual and large community training initiatives. On a larger scale, Jeff also developed and coordinated the training plan for those involved in the Wuskwatim project (a 200-megawatt hydroelectric generating station in northern Manitoba). He was also a significant participant in many local, regional, and provincial economic and social development boards.

Jeff is a proven business acumen and entrepreneur who has successfully operated various business ventures including a charter bus operation, and an automotive repair shop, and is currently the sole proprietor of Soaring Eagles Seminars Inc.

Through his company SESI, he creates & and facilitates his own international seminars and workshops focused on assisting people to heal, move forward, and succeed in work and life.

Operating from integrity, Jeff draws upon his rich Cree culture, traditional teachings, and wisdom, along with his current knowledge, skills, and abilities as a certified effortless prosperity master guide, T. Sen life coach, and 4th Class Power Engineer.

As an advocate for continuous learning and growth, he continues to deepen his knowledge through life experience, deep meditations, his relationships with his elders, master teachers, and the ancient ancestral realm. He brings to us the love of a father, the affection of a family man, a leader of his community, and the vision and strength of his ancestral culture.

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Jeff Hunter


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