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​​​Unity in the Workplace©

YOuth Life Skills , healing & Visioning 

Clearing to create harmony and working together 


Youth without the clear vision and life skills follow the mind’s

illusion of who they are and fear becomes the motivating factor;

resulting in one being stuck in a virtual reality filled with recycled

thoughts (Consciousness trapped in conditions)

From this point, one tries to create life’s desires, but the vision is

heavily laced with past hurt, pain and disappointments, resulting

in frustration and following a path that continuously feels like one

is going nowhere.

The Essential Life Skills & Visioning program begins to connect the

missing link, their spirit and assists in clearing the mind and its purpose.


Length - 12 hour program (2 days)

Delivery Methods

Powerpoint, lecture and experiential practice, group discussions & sharing circles

Description:  For youth age 16 to 25 

Focusing on reviving the missing creative link
· Clearing limiting belief systems (old pains and sorrows)
· Teaching and assisting connection to inner stillness
· Visioning endless possibilities.
· The program Raising individuals awareness and mindfulness, giving them the capacity to receive the social skills needed to succeed in life.

Focusing on teaching career development and the importance of planning one's livelihood (Careers) and furthermore identifying their life purpose.
· Choosing a career (choices)
· How to get started with a job/experience
· Where to find assistance
· What it takes to succeed
· Following and understanding your life’s purpose

Focusing on the visioning process with each developing  a vision statement for:
· Themselves as individuals
· Family (values)
· Community
· And a world vision if time permits.

The final process is embedding the vision into their stillness and imagination.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes