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​​​Unity in the Workplace©

Bullying and Lateral Violence


Creating Balance                                                 

Length - 6-hour program (1 day)

Delivery Methods

Powerpoint, lecture and experiential practice, group discussions & sharing circles

Description: For people who work in high-stress environments where negatively charged emotions and behaviours can create a culture of low productivity, minimal team cooperation and trust. Learn how to defuse difficulties, clear your energy and assertively set boundaries and ask for what you need.   

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Participants should be able to identify and understand negative emotional energies.  Recognize the culture of negative attitudes and behaviours.  How to engage in highly emotionally charged behaviours. Develop skills to defuse situations with highly charged emotional energy

Workshop registration

About the trainer

Mr Jeff Hunter

Jeff teaches Unity in the Workplace 

workshops in the areas of conflict

resolution, clearing & healing negative

behaviours and violence prevention.

Jeff insights, intuitive talents, calm and

engaging nature creates a learning environment suitable to introduce the full engagement of issues at a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. With over 20 years within the Human Resource development and business field, his holistic approach to training and development is unique and proven effective. 

​​Creating balance in the workplace