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Clear to Manifest Seminar is about:
Creating peace and unity within the Body, Mind and Spirit.
Developing a balance within ones being to effectively find an individual foundation to heal and then pursue life's purpose.
Healing and clearing limiting beliefs and patterns embedded within the sub-consciousness. Many beliefs and patterns are anchored within the physical body and are experienced as buttons that are pushed by events, people, and the environment we live in.
Develop a clear awareness of who they are, buttons which trigger stress and assist with releasing those energies associated with the belief.

Using CTM principles with ancient processes of meditation assists participants to re-connect to their individual being. Introduces clients to concepts for living more effortlessly and deepens the clearing for who have already begun the clearing of limiting beliefs.

Every seminar is unique to the attending group, as energy change with every individual and group. We always encourage people to attend this seminar as many times as possible in order to continue releasing limiting patterns and beliefs inherited or developed over time.

This exclusive three-day seminar is designed to teach and assist participants to manifest with intention in accordance
to your highest interest and desires. Jeff delivers and teaches one to identify, acknowledge and release old belief systems of sacrifice, struggles, pains and working hard which have held them back.

It teaches one to acknowledge thy self as the cause and creator of your life and live in the present moment.

The seminars en-riches participants with heightened awareness, healing and provide inner-strength to let go of the past and begin to live in the NOW.


Length - 12-hour program (2 days)

Delivery Methods

Powerpoint, lecture and experiential practice, group discussions & sharing circles

CLear to manifest - Healing & Personal development program