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A visionary and a strategic thinker, Mr. Jeff Hunter is the owner of Soaring Eagles Seminars (SESI) and is a human resources development professional; heavily focus on successful aboriginal peoples and community development. With over 25+ years’ experience within the Sr. Human Resource Development field, Jeff has negotiated, developed and delivered individual training plans focusing on self-growth and long-range career planning and large-scale community training initiatives. On a larger scale, Jeff also developed and coordinated the training plans for those involved in Wuskwatim project (a 200-megawatt hydroelectric generating station in northern Manitoba). He was also a significant participant in many regional, provincial and local economic and social development boards.

He’s has proven business acumen, as the entrepreneur of various business ventures including; a charter bus operation, automotive repair shop and currently the sole proprietor of Soaring Eagles Seminars Inc.

Though his company SESI, Jeff Hunter creates & facilitates his own seminars and workshops internationally focused on assisting people to heal, move forward and succeed in life & workplaces. (People; the greatest resource of any community or organization)  

Jeff holds himself accountable and applies himself using his past and present teachings, such as training as a certified Master Guide, Teacher and Life Coach, a 4th Class Power Engineer and Business Management education from Red River College and University College of the North.

He understands the power of continuous learning and growth. And continuously seeks knowledge through life experience, deep meditations, elders, master teachers and from within the ancient ancestral realm. He brings to us the love of a father, the affection of a family man, a leader of his community and the vision and strength of his ancestral culture.

“The mind is very limited, compared to the vastness of your Spirit” – Jeff Hunter


Owner/Founder/ Manager - Soaring Eagles Seminars Inc.

What We Do

shift the paradigm

A dormant spirit is freed to express itself which is focused, motivated and positive 


Bring the energy

Every person carries different beliefs and energy vibrations, therefore Each workshop is unique to the energy of the participants. 

Moving forward

Letting go of stress / old energy

processes on how to let go of old  past energies and old belief systems
Foundation understanding creates space for A peaceful mind & Body which then provides the opportunity of the higher intelligence to flow 

Facilitator - About Jeff Hunter

I believe and recommend every human being to take part in an exercise such as this.  Mr. Jeff Hunter delivers a very important and vital to your well-being type of workshop for staff that gets in touch with your inner-being and how you better yourself to thrive in life and workplace  
Councilor Pat Linklater- NCN CREE

It's been over 6 years since I created, designed and started delivering Unity in the workplace and it's been delivered to over 150 workplaces and seen over 18,000 participants. 

Shifting from sub-conscious  thinking to conscious thinking requires a change in energy. Problems or challenges cannot be solved using the energy that it was created from..we all learnt this. At Unity in the Workplace, we not only learn this concept but apply it.     

I've always had a passion for assisting people with moving forward, shifting and progressing in a good way. This prompted me to design, create and begin to deliver Unity in the Workplace. 

He doesn't flaunt and is so genuine with a human touch. Calm, cool and collective and gets down to the truth. Exposes the negative & replaces with the positive choices. I am moving on and letting go of the past.                    
Sandra Upherville...Brochet, Manitoba

This was my very first workshop and I learned allot. It helps me to be more focused. How to meditate and release negative thoughts and have a clean mind. I like Jeff’s teachings and I shall follow them. Letting go of my ego..I like it and I want to learn more. Thank you Jeff.
Maxine Grieves KTC Oxford House, Manitoba

"What Jeff was able to do with our staff was amazing. He bought us back to ourselves, our individual humanity. This 2 day workshop flew by. He created a safe place for sharing but held people accountable to their stories & questions. I can feel that our defensiveness is reduced, our fight/flight is lessened and our hearts are more open to each other. The workplace is changed without changing the workplace. Only the individuals are changed"

He doesn't flaunt, and is so genuine with a human touch. Calm, cool and collective and gets down to the truth. Exposes the negative & replaces with the positive, choices. Moving on and letting go of the past.                    

Sandra Upherville...KTC Brochet, Manitoba

I found Jeff’s presentation to be very helpful. It helped unlock some thing I didn’t understand. I would not hesitate to recommend him. 

Susan Merrier. Cadotte Lake, Alberta

This is what I needed to go back to what I needed to do to  bring clarity to my being and life. To refocus, re-energies and utilise my guides again. 

JoAnne Gigg Cadotte Lake, Alberta

Awesome; and eye opener and more skills, learning to use in my healing. I would highly recommend this workshop for our health programs. It helped me look at my ego. And to connect with my spirit and be clam about things while in a highly stressful world, workplace and society  

Sarah Samuel KTC Lac Brochet, Manitoba.

Good Teacher and good listener about self and others. What I would say is; go to one seminar.                

Josephine Harvey KTC Tataskweyak, Manitoba

This guy we all met at the training (instructor), he’s good, (above average) in the training he did(3days).            

Lena Shaoullie KTC Lac Brochet, Manitoba

Jeff is a great teacher and motivator. And is a great teacher for people, youth and I would recommend him to every community in the north for positive change.

Beveryly Hendrick KTC Tadoule Lake, Manitoba

My heart was on the ground when I first came into the workshop. As I began to release and let go of my negative energy, there was a shift that is happening from within my spirit. My spirit has been sleeping for too long. This awakening feels so right. I will live my life to the fullest and enjoy the rest of my journey.                                  

Emily Kematch  KTC York Landing, Manitoba

Jeff is very knowledgeable in delivering the Unity in the Workplace program. Good information. The meditations were excellent and calming. It was a fun learning experience. How we manifest experiences into our lives, life contracts, how negative energy creates stress. Overall, I really enjoyed the content of the workshop.                 Nancy Williams York Landing, Manitoba

Jeff Hunter displays strong information and courage to present his life stores as examples in some aspects (topics). The program in which he works is a powerful information tool. When one gains it, it can make work go more smoother and less stressful as an individual.  Understanding barriers which hold us back and how to break the barriers.

Keith Anbawen KTC Lac Brochet