Customized Unity workshops for your team

Mr. Jeff Hunter

Creator and facilitator of the Unity consciousness programs


Allow the whisperings of your heart’s awakening to lead you on a journey of remembering as you receive Jeff’s messages of truth, timeless wisdom and spiritual insights to guide you back to a place of a balanced perspective.  Jeff has accumulated a wealth of practical experience through sacred teachings, ceremonial rituals and inner reflections.   His inner guidance has taken him on domestic and international travels and explorations with Elders, Mystics and Teachers who have graciously modelled how to deeply know oneself amidst a world of external distraction, accelerated change and increased social isolation. Whether working among audiences, with groups or individuals, Jeff has an innate ability to guide people to tune into themselves and breakthrough obstacles that have been blocking their progress and creating suffering.  Once he helps them release these discordant energies people have experienced noticeable and instantaneous results manifest. Additionally, individuals report feeling reconnected, grounded and peaceful with a renewed sense of belonging and purpose.

Jeff is emerging as a leader in the field of Human Development, having worked with thousands of people from a variety of backgrounds, circumstances and professional experiences.  He is a sought-after keynote speaker, coach and workshop facilitator for conferences and community engagements.  Jeff currently operates Soaring Eagle Seminars Inc. (SESI), where he delivers thought-provoking and transformational seminars, workshops, presentations and keynote addresses.  His roots as a First Nations man from Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation puts him in a unique position to aid in the efforts of reconciliation at home in Canada and abroad.

Jeff is an innovative thinker, entrepreneur, community leader and loving family man to his children.  He understands the power of life-long learning and growth and continuously seeks knowledge to improve himself and expand the breadth and depth of his presentations, seminars, workshops and coaching interactions.  Jeff utilizes the over 25 years’ experience in the senior human resource development field to create lasting results in the lives of those he crosses paths with.

“The mind is very limited, compared to the vastness of your Spirit” Jeff Hunter