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Effects of disharmony in the workplace: An unmotivated staff, though a build up of limiting and mostly negative energy creates an environment and culture of stress, anxiety and fears that result in “wasteful behaviors in the workplace” It can disconnect one from the team or desire for nothing to change. This energy un-addressed can rule like a silent merciless menace with even the most seasoned positive and highly creative employee succumbing to this culture and behaviour without being aware of it. 

Hello Tansi (Cree) - Boozhoo (Ojibwe) - Aaniin(Anishiaab) - Wotziye (Dene) - Ho/Han (Dakota) - Tanshi (Michif) - Asujutilli (Inuktituq)

Meet the Team lead Jeff Hunter

Jeff Hunter is emerging as a leader in the field of Human Development, having worked with thousands of people from a variety of backgrounds, circumstances and professional experiences.  He is a sought-after keynote speaker, coach and workshop facilitator for conferences and community engagements.  Jeff currently is the CEO of Soaring Eagle Seminars Inc. (SESI), where he delivers thought-provoking and transformational seminars, workshops, presentations and keynote addresses.  His roots as a First Nations man from Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation puts him in a unique position to aid in the efforts of reconciliation at home in Canada and abroad.


Hello Tansi (Cree) - Boozhoo (Ojibwe) - Aaniin(Anishiaab) - Wotziye (Dene) - Ho/Han (Dakota) - Tanshi (Michif) - Asujutilli (Inuktituq)

unity in the indigenous workplaces 

Unity Consciousness

Unity in the Workplace is a unique and strong emotional stabilizing program for staff & workplaces continuously overloaded with stress and anxiety. Guiding staff to release old negative patterns, heal, and then open up, unite with and access dormant repository of higher wisdom and unlimited potential