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Unity in the Workplace programs are strong emotional stabilizing workshops for staff continuous overloaded with stress and anxiety being caused 21st-century economy.  we endeavour to Open up and awakening individuals to reunite with and access their dormant repository of higher wisdom and unlimited potential.

Businesses and Organizations are growing rapidly, so rapidly that each employee has to take on more and more to ensure services are successful or meet their targets & goals. 

With successes, there are many challenges and obstacles that staff, management and leadership had to face and endure.  This constant effort and enduring can cause much stress among the staff in any organization. 

From time to time, it is essential to create the time to take a deep breath and reflect on; where we came from, on the state of our well-being, our accomplishments and identify “what we are going to take with us moving forward and what we have to leave behind”.  Each employee carries not only personal struggles, community struggles, family struggles, they also carry the business and organizational struggles. these subtle burdens are carried within the physical, mental and emotional body. 

It is essential for businesses or organizations to invest their resources and Time to help staff clear these limitations.

Unity in the Workplace programs provides this service with its half day to two full-day staff development courses designed to assist front-line Staff, Management, Supervisors, CEO's and Leadership to achieve:

  • Workplace Growth and Success 

  • Understanding & Mastering Energy 

  • Mastering Self & Self-care

  • Power of Unity of Body, Mind & Spirit 

  • Accessing Higher Consciousness 

  • Handling Wasteful Behaviours 

  • Getting past Barriers

  • Letting go of Past Struggles.

Unity in the workplace workshop brings staff to a place of Self Unity and Inner Balance and Harmony.